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Summer research is underway at the Logan Lab

The summer of 2021 is the inaugural semester of research at the Logan Lab. Our team consists of ENC students Helen Jimenez-Corea and Cameron Campbell. You can learn about them in the Team Members section.

We are excited to be involved in several research projects this summer including writing a review article for Frontiers in Neurodegeneration on cellular senescence and proteinopathy in Parkinson's disease. Be on the lookout for that to be published soon.

We are also working on publishing a new approach for analyzing both telomere sequence and length with high fidelity. In comparison to the traditional method of telomere analysis using qPCR, our new method offers several advantages.

Finally, we are working on a large-scale genetic analysis of Parkinson's disease related genes using data from 60,000 Parkinson's disease patients as part of the newly announced collaboration between the Michael J. Fox foundation and 23andMe. We will be investigating any correlative relationships between gene dynamics in Parkinson's disease and other co-morbidities. We are motivated to do this work because similar analysis have shown that Parkinson's disease risk comes with increased risk for melanoma and vice versa, suggesting common biological pathways that could open up novel therapeutic avenues. See Prof. Logan's 2017 publication "The melanoma-linked "redhead" MC1R influences dopaminergic neuron survival" for more information. Additionally, we are interested in any inter-gene correlative patterns as well, which could lead to more robust eQTL studies. More information about the MJF foundation and the DEN database can be found here:

We expect to continue some of these projects into the fall of 2021. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in joining these research efforts. Finally, please consider making a financial contribution to our work. Any money we receive goes directly into purchasing much needed equipment for our growing lab and research efforts. Not a penny goes towards salary or any other unnecessary compensation. We run a lean operation and are purely motivated by the science.

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