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Acquisition of a nucleotide long-read sequencer system

The Logan lab is excited to announce that we have purchased an Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION Mk1B sequencer with the most recent chemistry flow cells (R10). We have also invested in the brand new volTRAX machine system for automated sample preparation. The volTRAX in an advancement in efficiency and reproducibility, enhancing our research quality. Finally, we have acquired the new Flongle adaptation for the MinION flow cells. The Flongle allows for smaller and faster sample processing, enabling the rapid and direct detection of limited DNA or cDNA samples. The MinION Mk1B flow cells can also sequence RNA strands.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies offers a revolutionary way to sequence nucleotide sequences and we are excited to be able to leverage this technology in our pursuit of telomere and neurodegenerative disease biology. More about the sequencing technology can be found on their website here:

The funding for these capital investments was generously provided by Eastern Nazarene College as part of our start up package.

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